4 Easy Steps To Your Nationally Accredited Qualification

Step - 1

The process starts with your inquiry. One of our expert team members will guide you through the RPL process and discuss your current skills, required supporting evidence, application, and fees. If you decide to apply for RPL, an RPL assessment kit containing a Self-evaluation document will be sent to you.

Step - 2

Complete the Self-evaluation document sent to you and submit it with all relevant pieces of evidence of skills and knowledge gained. An assessor will review the document and evidence. 

Step - 3

An assessor will conduct a  ‘Competency Conversation’ with You to determine if the evidence meets the requirements of any units or part thereof. The assessor may ask for additional evidence. Should any gaps be identified, the assessor will organise a training plan that will meet these gaps to enable the issuance of a Qualification or Statement of Attainment.

Step - 4

Based on ‘Competency Conversation’ and relevant pieces of evidence, the assessor will make informed judgments on the abilities of the student and recommend for issuance of a Certificate.
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