Agent Terms and Conditions

Thank you for showing interest in becoming an agent. Please see below the high-level responsibilities Of an AGENT (YOU).

(Note: Full terms and conditions will be sent to You after initial discussions).


You will market, promote, and acquire Clients through established networks, third parties, social media platforms, events, face-to-face, and others as required.

  • You will ensure that all marketing or advertising material only provides factual information.
  • You will never advertise superseded qualifications past the permitted transition period.
  • You do not offer to provide all or part of a course in their own name and must accurately and honestly represent the Company in all marketing and enrolment activities.
  • You will provide all necessary documentation including but not limited to evidence of prior qualification, evidence of experience (photos, payslips, logbook, etc.), USI, evidence of literacy and numeracy tests, etc. to facilitate a proper assessment leading to the issue of qualification.

For detailed Terms and Conditions (including commission, etc) please contact us on 1800 ELPIDA (357 432).

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